"I once thought I could protect the world by myself, but I was wrong. Working together, we saved the planet, and I believe that if we stay together as a team, we could be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice."

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i’m still not convinced with the whole ben-affleck-as-batman thing but when i saw the left picture i was immediately reminded with the one on the right

ben affleck is taking being batman seriously and i just found out that he had a frigging batcave entrance built in his home

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It has come to my attention that a certain blog called from-villain-to-hero has been reposting my gifs.

And since your ask box is off, I have no choice but to publicly call your attention. 

I’ll cut the drama short so I’ll just say that it really makes me sad that you simply repost gifs that other people have worked so hard to make. I mean, come on, is it so hard to reblog? I am a very busy person but I still make time to make gifs whenever I can because that is what makes me happy. People like you ruin that happiness.

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HI! Can you make a shayera hol gifset in season 3 :)


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Hi!! I was seeing your post about WW/BM, I like them too, but I also see in other pages that Wonder Woman kiss Superman....

Ah, yes. Unfortunately after DC rebooted everything, they made SMWW canon. There’s even a Superman/Wonder Woman title.


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So do you have something to prove WW/Batman love relationship??


*Warning: long post ahead

**The following statements are based from my point of view. For those who do not agree, I’m sorry. For those who agree, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

***v1.0 - June 17 (I may update this post because I’m at work with limited resources and I might think of other stuff later on after I publish this)
v1.1 - June 17
v1.2 - June 17

****For further BM/WW related asks/hate, please direct them to my personal blog, everynineyearsandthirtyfourdays , since I didn’t make this blog for shipping stuff.


Let’s start with the JL/JLU animated series:

episode: The Brave and the Bold



Wonder Woman was buried under a missile. Batman immediately came to dig her out. At some point, J’onn told him to stop because they (with Harkwgirl) thought she didn’t survive. However, WW did survive and found out that Bats tried to dig her out because she saw his hands. She kissed him on the cheek as gratitude.

episode: Maid of Honor


This is when that epic dance happened. Bats (as Bruce Wayne) “saved” WW from the crowd and they danced. The dance was interrupted when armed men tried to kidnap Princess Audrey. By the end of the episode, WW tells Bats they didn’t finish their dance, an implication that she found out that Bats and Bruce Wayne are the same person. Well Batman still tried to deny but the episode ended there and it looked like WW was already convinced that she was right.

episode: Starcrossed


While running from the Thanagarians, WW kissed Bats as a diversion and after that she apologized but Bats told her “Don’t be.”

episode: Kid Stuff


It was very obvious in this episode that the two have some sort of attraction to each other. GL even referred to WW as Bats’ “girlfriend”

episode: This Little Piggy (*drum roll*)


This is, IMO, the ultimate BM/WW episode. 1) He allowed WW to patrol Gotham with him despite her being a meta 2) She indirectly suggested that they go out (but was very obvious really come on) and he listed reasons why the two of them can’t date (some really ridiculous reasons tbh) 4) Zatanna asked if there was something between WW and Bats and he replied that “maybe there was” 3) Bats sang in front of a crowd just to make Circe turn WW back into human form.

episode: The Once and Future Thing


First of all, bless you John Stewart. After Bats questioning GL about his love life, he did the same. Bats said he thinks of WW as a friend but GL just shrugged it off (really can we give John an award or something) because he knows that there really is an attraction between the two. Bats even reached a point when he said he doesn’t have a time for a relationship because of his work. IMO, the fact that he said that means he is probably considering but feels conflicted because of him being Batman.

And there are lots of small things (by small things I’m talking about WW flirting with Bats) from episodes like For The Man Who Has Everything (this ep is also when WW saved Bats from the Black Mercy), Divided We Fall.

Now, let’s move on to the comics:

In JLA, it’s established that they really have feelings for each other. There’s the Obsidian Age arc


and JLA #90 is the exploration of their relationship


tHERE’S ALSO THE JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND SERIES (she finally went into a relationship but it’s Lord Batman (but still Batman ok?))


wAIT OMG HOW CAN I FORGET THE BLACKEST NIGHT EVENT??? This is when WW was under the black ring influence and Aphrodite broke her out of it by using Diana’s love for Bruce *clings tightly to my blackest night: wonder woman #2*


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Do you think that Wonder Woman loves Batman? And Batman her?

yes! yes! yes! (i’m not sorry because batman/wonder woman is my otp)

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Your blog is awesome! And would it be possible for you to make a Flash set using JL and JLU? I'd really appreciate it.

of course!

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