"I once thought I could protect the world by myself, but I was wrong. Working together, we saved the planet, and I believe that if we stay together as a team, we could be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice."

A GIF blog for the superhero team Justice League.

Requests are accepted.
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Hellooooooooo everyone. I’m sorry for just dropping dead. I wasn’t intentionally ignoring your messages. Its’s just that my job got really demanding and I’m still trying to fit gif-making into my schedule. Know that every request I have seen will be made (hopefully before the year ends XD).

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Hi there! nice blog! :D

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Could you please make a gif set of Green Arrow and Black Canary's: "Are we dead yet" conversation from "Double Date" ?


Posted on August 30, 2014
Is there The Once and Future Thing gifs around here?

I haven’t made gifs from that episode yet, sorry.

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Any chance you can make of a gifset of the scene in "Dark Heart" where Batman is asking for someone with flight powers to catch him? Thank you! I love your site!!

No problem!

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Hey! It's me again - the girl who asked you if you can make a GIF set where Vixen and Shayera are talking. :) Anyway... I was wondering if you can make a GIF set from "Maid Of Honor" where Diana and Bruce are like they are going to save the princes but Diana goes first and then Bruce is like "I have no job to do, let's just enjoy the party". :D If you have it, can you please share the link? :) Thank you!

I don’t have that one yet. It’s now on my very long list of requests. XD

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i’m still not convinced with the whole ben-affleck-as-batman thing but when i saw the left picture i was immediately reminded with the one on the right

ben affleck is taking being batman seriously and i just found out that he had a frigging batcave entrance built in his home

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It has come to my attention that a certain blog called from-villain-to-hero has been reposting my gifs.

And since your ask box is off, I have no choice but to publicly call your attention. 

I’ll cut the drama short so I’ll just say that it really makes me sad that you simply repost gifs that other people have worked so hard to make. I mean, come on, is it so hard to reblog? I am a very busy person but I still make time to make gifs whenever I can because that is what makes me happy. People like you ruin that happiness.

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HI! Can you make a shayera hol gifset in season 3 :)